My radio ad for the new Subaru XV crossover.

This is beautiful. Makes me cry.

Amazing video by Adam Grabowski. Love the music too.

Check out this wonderful photography by Greg Williams.

I love this. Beautiful music, shots and script. Hats off to AMV BBDO.

I loved Channel 4’s Phone Shop, so I love this guy. But I feel there’s too many layers in this ad. Nice concept, just a bit complicated.

Lovely, simple, useful and true. Plus the packaging caught my attention before I’d even seen the ad, and I don’t even have kids. Nice one Burnetts.

Loved the talk by Pam Myers from Rorschach Radio today. Here’s a great little animation Pam used to highlight the importance of not doing too many takes when recording a radio commercial.

Loving the work of comedy director Chris Balmond. Here’s just one great example, check out the rest of his showreel.

Well behaved women rarely make history.